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We created the Recycling Group Finder because we thought it would be a great way of helping The Freecycle Network. Specifically we wanted to make it easy for potential members find the right group for them. As other networks of groups were discovered these were added too, such as the Freegle Network.

There is a search facility on the Freecycle website, but it isn't great. Say you live near Moraga, CA. You can type that into the search box on the Freecycle site, but it won't find anything. The Recycling Group Finder does better however, indicating that your nearest Recycling group is Lamorinda Freecycle, just 6.5 km away.

Map of Freecycle groups around Moraga, CA

The Freecycle search gets it right sometimes. Take a search for Alameda, CA. It lists all the groups nearby, but Recycling Group Finder does better. The Recycling Group Finder shows you a map of where all the local groups are! It lets you scroll around and visually determine the closest group (Try it for yourself!). An improvement we feel, and one that will help more people join up and start recycling.

So, Who Made This Thing?

It was made by the web-development company Super Shiny Robot.

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