The Recycling Group Finder - FAQ



Where can I add my own group?

There's a page specifically for adding groups. All you need is your Google or Yahoo group URL and you will be guided through the process.

What groups can I add?

Any recycling or re-use group that uses Google or Yahoo groups that promote free exchange of unwanted items. No commercial groups please.

Are only Yahoo and Google groups supported?

Yes, only Google or Yahoo based groups are supported at the moment, but others will be added if there is a demand.

Can I buy advertising space on the site?

Yes you can. The Recycling Group Finder is an excellent place to advertise, the site has a very focussed user-base and accurate geographic targeting is possible, Contact us for pricing and other details.

Are you affiliated with Freecycle/RealCycle/another organisation?

Not at all, the Recycling Group Finder is entirely independent and unbiased.

I received a 'moderator signup' email unexpectedly, why?

This is usually someone trying to sign up to your group but getting confused about the right place to do it. Check out this article for more information.

Will you create a website like this one for me?

Yes, if you want a site like the Recycling Group Finder with your own data displayed we can offer you a hosted solution optionally including an API and other custom changes. We also provide bespoke web design and development services for small to medium sized businesses as well as hosting and consultation.

Got any other questions?

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have, just email!